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Free Netflix Downloader

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A powerful application for saving videos from NetFlix.

What is Free Netflix Download?

Free Netflix Download
Free Netflix Download
Free Netflix Download

Watch Videos Offline with Netflix Downloader

It’s a known fact that Netflix doesn’t have the download option when it comes to its content. Luckily, we have something to offer! You can download full episodes and movies on Netflix while using our useful Netflix Downloader app! Check out the details below.

What is Netflix Downloader?

Netflix Downloader is an app that enables downloads from the streaming platform. Instead of waiting to get access to the Internet and then watch movies, you can download several TV series in advance. Downloader works online, but you can watch your favorite movie offline whenever you want to!

How does the Netflix Downloader App Works?

The idea is simple, you need a subscription to Netflix and an installed Netflix Downloader app. The idea is based on copying a link to a video or movie and using it to download content through our app.

Special Features of Netflix Downloader

The app has the following features:

  • load control functions: pause, stop, resume;
  • getting videos in high video and sound quality
  • download with audio description for people with blindness;
  • download the subtitles;
  • get all episodes by pasting a link to the TV series page.

Moreover, the app is free to download and use!

How to Use?

To begin enjoying your favorite Netflix content, install the app by following the instructions:

  • download the APK file;
  • when downloaded, click on the file to begin installing the program;
  • open the app on your PC.

The icon with a program will be on your Windows desktop. Whenever you need to download a video or a movie, open the app and do the following:

  • Copy a link to the video you want to download.
  • Paste the link in the section of the app called “Paste”.
  • Choose the quality you want your video in.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Wait till the download is completed.

Use the application whenever you are connected to the Internet. You can then transfer video content on a tablet or even your phone.

Why Should You Choose Netflix Downloader?

We offer an app that enables the downloading process from one of the most popular streaming platforms. The app does not violate any laws, it is used to watch videos offline instead of spending Internet traffic. As long as you have a Netflix subscription, you can download your favorite TV series and enjoy watching them without an Internet connection.

How It Works

  1. Copy a video link from your browser to the clipboard
  2. Paste a link to the application by clicking “Paste” button.
  3. Click “Download” button.
  4. Enjoy video.


  • One license covers 1-years subscription for 1-PC.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and later.

How to Use


Copy a Video Link from your Browser


Click "Paste" button in the App


Then click "Download"

Key Features

Free Netflix Download got totally new and user-friendly interface! We hope you’ll enjoy it.
Load Control
You can easily stop, resume the downloading process and much more.
Optimal settings
Automatic selection of the optimal voice quality and language.
Great Sound
Support downloading Dolby Atmos audio
HD Quality
Free Netflix Download support downloading HD (1080p) videos.
Free Netflix Download is able to download multiple videos at the same time.
Support downloading subtitles in TTML and SRT format.
Audio for the blind
Audio Descriptions for Netflix Movies and TV Shows.
All episodes
You can download all episodes of all seasons of any series at once.

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Jednoduchá a výborná aplikace, která Vás provede krok za krokem jak stahovat. Má mnoho jazyků a širokou škálu nabídky ke spokojenosti uživatele.
A positive point is the possibility of downloading in .mkv and choosing how the subtitles will be exported, which in my case is an essential resource. I didn't have any problems with the user experience of the interface (which is actually very nice) and it worked very well.
Matheus Rosa09/07/2023
A equipe FreeGrabApp esta de parebéns pelo aplicativo de download gratuito da Netflix ! Download grátis do Netflix, aplicativo exclusivo e poderoso para baixar seriados inteiros da Netflix, programas de TV, documentários, filmes e músicas usando o mecanismo de aplicativo de baixar filmes