YouTube Premium 1080p Offline Downloads Spotted

September 03, 2019
YouTube Premium 1080p Offline Downloads Spotted

If you subscribe to YouTube Premium the video downloads have been limited to 720p quality, but some users are starting to see an option for 1080p downloads.

YouTube Premium comes with a number of perks in return for the subscription price, with one of those being downloads for offline viewing rather than streaming. Now it looks like those downloads are being upgraded to include a 1080p option.

As Android Police reports, the option to download videos for offline viewing on YouTube Premium has always been limited to 720p quality. However, users are starting to report a new option appearing for 1080p downloads. It means a better playback experience, but at the same time a larger download which is typically around double the size of a 720p video.

The upgrade to 1080p is being reported by both iOS and Android users, but the roll out is happening very slowly. It could therefore be a while before the option appears for everyone, but with the huge amount of extra data downloading such an option requires, it makes sense for Google to be cautious.

YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, has been offered since 2015 as a way of enhancing/improving the YouTube experience in return for $11.99 a month (or $17.99 a month for a family plan). A premium subscription removes all the adverts from videos, allows videos to continue playing in the background even if you open another app, and there's the option to download videos so you can view them another time when, for example, there's no reliable signal or you're out of data.

Two additional features of the subscription include access to YouTube Originals (although that content is being made available for free) and access to YouTube Music Premium, which is also ad-free, accessible offline, and music will keep playing even with your device screen locked.

Any video and music can be downloaded by the application.


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