What is Netflix? + How Netflix Works

February 24, 2018
What is Netflix? + How Netflix Works

The life of a movie and TV aficionado is kind of hard, if you think about it. Say that there's a blockbuster movie that you want to see. Do you go see it in theatres as soon as it comes out? That will cost you a pretty penny. Do you wait until the movie has a physical release, and then buy it? It's still kind of expensive, there's no telling if you'll even watch the movie more than once, and the player (or disc) may stop working or become obsolete.

And then there's the case of TV. There are a number of different things that can get between you and your favourite show. The channels in your provider package aren't airing a new episode for another week, or maybe more. Or maybe the show is on a premium channel that you have to pay extra money to subscribe to. Or maybe you don't have enough tapes or space on your digital recorder to save your show and all of the other stuff that you want to watch.

That's why many people who aren't satisfied with these options turn to Netflix.com. With Netflix, you can watch as many movies and TV show episodes as you want. And there's no need to wait for a theatre to post a show time, a renter to have a physical copy in stock, or a channel to air the next episode. As long as a movie or show is available on Netflix, you can watch it whenever you want. And all of it costs as little as $8 a month.

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