Tragic Jungle

June 10, 2021
Tragic Jungle

This show from Netflix is about how to make a tense situation even tense. For example, you can take a group of men working in the jungle between Mexico and Belize and place them in the early 20th century to make the jungle, an already brutal and incomprehensible place, seem even more terrible. Lack of comfortable, even normal living conditions, work and homesickness. It's already hard, isn't it? And if you add there one single attractive young woman, then it becomes completely unbearable. Well, and to top it off, they accidentally woke up a certain mystical creature, peacefully dozing until now.

Such classics of the genre are the jungle and mysterious ancient monsters. It will definitely appeal to fans of Kong and those who like films and TV shows with a similar theme.

The series is available on the platform from June 9th.

You can download and watch the series for free here

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