Sweet tooth: the boy with the antlers

June 06, 2021
Sweet tooth: the boy with the antlers

Sweet Tooth: the Boy with the Antlers is about a world facing the aftermath of a deadly virus. With the emergence of a destructive infection for a mysterious reason, unusual babies began to appear in the world - hybrids of humans and various animals. One of these amazing creatures is the main character of the series - Gus, a boy with deer ears and antlers. For many years, his father hid him in the forest so that embittered people would not get to the baby, who consider hybrids to be guilty of human troubles. But one day the boy's father dies, and Gus is left all alone. He realizes that the moment has come to go in search of a mother he never knew, as well as a refuge where he can live peacefully with other hybrids. Soon he has a company - outwardly brutal, but at heart a kind big man Geppard.

The creators of the series competently build the story of the wanderings of the unusual boy Gus across post-apocalyptic America. The adventure of the heroes is interrupted at times by the dramatic stories of other people from this post-apocalyptic world. Each of the storylines is interesting in itself, while they harmoniously merge into the overall narrative, revealing to us more details about the world and its inhabitants. On the one hand, we are asked to reflect on the rejection of everything unusual, and on the other, on human readiness in the most difficult moments to show humanity to those who are not at all like us.

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