Stepbrothers – the comedy now on the Amazon service

June 19, 2021
Stepbrothers – the comedy now on the Amazon service

Filmed in 2008, Step Brothers is now available on streaming service Amazon.


The film tells how, independently of each other, two forty-year-old loafers, Dale and Brennan, never leaving their father's house and not really working anywhere, were stuck in a state of adolescence. When their single parents get to know each other and, having got married, decide to live together, the "boys" have a hard time - they are identical in their infantilism, they become stepbrothers, or rather, an uncontrollable driving force.

There is no doubt that this kind of comedy is not created solely for entertainment. With humor, the filmmakers claimed to grotesquely nude the reasons why the likes of Dale and Brennan refuse to grow up. The parents are largely to blame for not dealing with the problems of their children and turning a blind eye to the process of their development. Therefore, you can laugh at the film and think deeply.

Basically, you can say that this is a regular comedy that can be watched in the evening with friends.

You can download and watch the movie for free here:

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