Netflix pleases us with an unusual novelty again.

June 05, 2021
Netflix pleases us with an unusual novelty again.

Everyone loves cats. These fluffy creatures captivate with their cute faces, soft paws, and especially their funny and often bizarre behavior. In general, any cat is a favorite of the public that gathers around him. But Netflix made a series about the world's most famous cat - Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats.


Abatutu, that is the name of the cat, lives in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. He is a world star, rides a limousine and meets celebrities. And this little fluffy decided to hold a casting among other cats, because, according to him, they dream of becoming famous, like him. To do this, the participants send him their videos, sad, funny or touching. The series is narrated from the perspective of Abatutu himself. He also talks about his home life and adventures. He will also show you the streets of Amsterdam from a completely new perspective.

No one should miss such a premiere, because absolutely no one will be left indifferent.

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