Meditation program from Netflix

June 15, 2021
Meditation program from Netflix

Netflix diversified interactive shows - those where the plot depends on the reaction and even the state of the audience, which can be safely called participants. Today, June 15, “Unwind Your Mind” was announced - another interactive meditation from the Headspace company.

Its founder, former athlete and expert on Tibetan Buddhist practices, Andy Puddicombe - or rather, his voice - will guide subscribers through a series of breathing exercises. At the same time, the exercises themselves will be corrected interactively, depending on the physical and emotional state of the participant.

The main character in all three issues was Andy Paddicomb himself, who first spoke about meditation in eight 20-minute mini-episodes. You can return to meditations several times, getting a new version each time. True, Headspace clarified that real diversity and immersion is available only to subscribers and followers of Paddicomb on the Headspace website.

You can download the meditation program for free here

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