Jiva! – a series about love for what you do

June 28, 2021
Jiva! – a series about love for what you do

Dreams are what inspires us, gives us daily motivation and the desire to achieve something important. But sometimes achieving a dream turns into a long and difficult path, which has its own fears and their overcoming, doubts and difficulties. At such a moment, you need to decide: give up your dream or move on.

The main character of the series jiva found herself in such a situation! The girl lives in Ulmazi, a suburb of Dulman. She dances and loves the rhythm of the music, and she really has talent. The series tells us about how she overcomes her fears and misunderstandings of loved ones for the sake of fulfilling her dream of dancing.

This show can be a motivation for many. Indeed, in life, as in a film, there are difficult moments, but then you remember that the ending of each story must be necessarily happy and continue to go towards your dream.

Series is already available on Netflix

You can download and watch the series for free here:

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