Instagram video and voice calling just got a step closer

February 03, 2019
Instagram video and voice calling just got a step closer

Back in January, we reported that image-focussed social media platform Instagram could be looking to expand its repertoire with the addition of video and voice calling, and the discovery of suggestive new files within the latest Instagram and Instagram Direct Android apps suggests the features could be coming very soon.

Hints of video and voice functionality come from a variety of image files in the Application Package (APK), which have titles such as “call.png”, “video_call.png”, and “action_call.png”. It’s common practise to have files like this ready in the wings before the new features actually get released, which implies Instagram’s messaging system will be gaining these additions sometime soon.

The move is likely another of the platform’s ploys to overtake its major rival, Snapchat, which has had video calling for over three years, and would help further round out Instagram’s existing arsenal of social tools.

To download the video from instagram use the application.


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