How to download multiple videos from different services?

May 21, 2023
How to download multiple videos from different services?

The Internet has changed the way we consume media in many ways. We no longer need to buy physical copies of movies or TV shows, instead we can get them for free online. This means that movie studios and networks have less revenue to invest in new projects and advertising campaigns. As a result, quality films are becoming fewer and far between.

One of the main reasons why so many people love to watch movies is because they provide a unique experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Movies are often filmed with great care and attention to detail, which helps to create characters and situations that are believable and memorable. Additionally, movies are often accompanied by soundtracks that capture the mood and atmosphere of the scene. We, people from FreeGrabApp, as probably you, love watching different films, and also videos.

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Same thing as with the films is with the videos we watch on YouTube and other social networks. Every day we watch tons of different content, but usually you need to pay for them. And even if you’ve paid for the video, you can’t even download it. What to do in this case? Use the FlixGrab – any video downloader!

The solution

FlixGrab is a new powerful application for downloading videos from the most popular online video websites. You can download and watch videos from anywhere: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, HBO, Disney Plus, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many others with only one FlixGrab app. This freeware absolutely contains no adware, no spyware, no registration or other unwanted software.

FlixGrab - FreeGrabApp

Many amazing streaming platforms offer content that we can watch and enjoy. The thing is that most of these platforms do not allow downloading their content. Even though most of us simply want to watch movies when we aren’t connected to the Internet, streaming platforms still do not add the download button.

We believe that when users want to enjoy their favorite TV series anytime they want, they can download content. That’s the purpose of FlixGrab. This app is a great alternative to watching videos only when you are connected to the web. Check out more details below.

What is FlixGrab and how does it Work?

FlixGrab is an app that allows you to download videos from your favorite platforms. For example, you can use it to download videos from Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon Prime, Instagram, Disney Plus, HBO, etc. Any video or movie will be available for you with FlixGrab.

Special Features of FlixGrab

The application has a rather rich collection of functions even though it’s simple to use. Here is what you can do with FlixGrab:
• multiple downloads;
• downloading in HD quality;
• control of downloads - pause, stop, resume;
• great quality sound.

With FlixGrab, you can watch premium content even when you are offline. Movies, serial content, videos, or music - everything is available with our amazing app!

How to Use FlixGrab?

To start using FlixGrab, you need to install it on your computer. The app is compatible with Windows. Currently, the application is not compatible with Linux, Mac, or Android operating systems. If you have Windows 7 and newer versions, do the following to start using the app:

• Open the app on your computer.
• Go to the video or movie you want to download, copy the link.
• Paste the link in the “Paste” section, choose the quality of the video.
• Wait for the download to be over and watch your movie offline!

One license equals a year of subscription for 1 PC.


Everything ingenious is simple! Download the app from our official FreeGrabApp website and make sure that all your favorite videos are now in one place.

Follow the news - there are a lot of new and interesting things ahead!

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