Download the whole series at once with Free Netflix Download

December 11, 2022
Download the whole series at once with Free Netflix Download

I think it's no secret that everyone at the moment likes to watch TV shows or has watched at least one of them.

This is due to a large number of diverse content from different streaming services. One of these - Netflix - is probably the most popular of them. Everyone knows Netflix movies, TV series or anime. Partly because they are well publicized and advertised.

But what if you are on a trip, or are going to go on it, and want to watch your favorite TV series on the road? At the same time, you want to store these files on your computer, not on the Netflix server. What should be done? What to do?

We have a solution, as always – Free Netflix Download.

What kind of app is this?

Free Netflix Download is an application that helps you download the necessary videos from Netflix quickly and efficiently.
Our application is extremely convenient to use and requires a minimum of time to figure it out.

More information about its device is described in our article.
There you can also find a link to download the application, instructions for use and all required links also.

Today’s topic

Today, the topic of our article is a new feature – downloading the whole series at once.

We constantly take care of our users by regularly making updates to our app. This time we added a new feature – you can download the whole series at once now. How does it work? Take a seat and hear me out.

Free Netflix Download

How does it work?

In the application, in addition to downloading one video, you can also download one or several other videos. Let's remember how to download videos from there.

  • Copy a link from the Netflix site of the video you want to download.
  • Paste the link into the "Paste" section of the app.
  • Choose the quality you want your video to be in.
  • Click on the "Download" button.
  • Wait until the download is complete.

But now you don't have to wait - you can download several videos at once. Convenient, isn't it?

Absolutely legal

It is worth recalling that our application is completely legal, so its use is legal and does not infringe on copyright. Download the Free Netflix Download app and watch movies in the best quality anytime, anywhere.

Free Netflix Download

Follow the news and our blog - there is still a lot of exciting things ahead!

Download the app from our official website.

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