Disney+ Will Get Third-Party Shows to Obliterate Netflix

February 07, 2019
Disney+ Will Get Third-Party Shows to Obliterate Netflix

The new Disney+ streaming service will not only be chock-full of princesses, Avengers, Disney Club, Kermit, Peggy and The Skywalker Family Show, but it will have third-party movies and TV shows, too.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said that yesterday at the company’s quarterly earnings call. While they are aiming for a “pretty heavily weighted to internally sourced versus externally sourced” in the long run, he said, the company needs third parties to ramp up: “We are buying certain products from the outside opportunistically,” said Iger.

So basically, Disney+ will be just like Netflix. Except it will have exclusive countless blockbusters from the Marvel, Lucasfilm, Jim Henson, Pixar, National Geographic and Fox catalogs — something that Netflix can’t touch.
When you add Netflix hiking up its prices, things can get really hairy for the original streaming service.

Disney has the financial power to be able to price its service competitively, all while having all that in-house content firepower at its disposal at cost.

If Disney executes this well, without technical flaws, and makes it easy for people to sign up, Netflix may finally meet its match. And that will be great for consumers everywhere.

All Netflix movies and TV shows can be downloaded by the application.


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