DailyMotion Launches Cloud Video Streaming Platform

February 09, 2019
DailyMotion Launches Cloud Video Streaming Platform

The world's number-two online video site delivers custom cloud streaming solutions.YouTube isn't the only game in online video. Paris-based DailyMotion, the No. 2 online video site that boasts 110 million monthly unique visitors today announced a revamped Dailymotion Cloud service for publishers, advertisers, and broadcasters.

The cloud service hosts and streams video for customers, who can monetize their content through in-stream advertising, and apply DRM such as Adobe Flash Access and Microsoft Playready to protect their assets.

DailyMotion Cloud offers a highly customized video player, with branding, color choices, and custom buttons and progress bars. They also get detailed usage statistics, multiple simultaneous uploading, and they can transfer their existing DailyMotion account to Cloud. Fees for the service are completely usage-based, starting at 12.5 cents per hour for under 100K/hr, making it affordable for the amateur. A 10-hour free trial is also available.

"Breaking in to the cloud platform arena gives Dailymotion's premium content providers and any Web publisher a powerful and unrivaled set of online broadcasting tools," said Roland Hamilton, marketing director of Dailymotion U.S. "We're proud to compete with some of the Web's biggest video companies, delivering a highly affordable, flexible and robust cloud-based video streaming service. Our expertise as a major independent video platform is a great bonus for all of our clients. To try out the service, or for more information head to www.dmcloud.net.

Any video from DailyMotion can be downloaded by our application.


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