June 02, 2021

Today the streaming company Netflix pleases us with a novelty. Film Carnival has kicked off for screenings on the platform.

Now Instagram is a platform that allows you to sell services and goods, communicate with people, but most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to tell the world about yourself. Some people abuse this opportunity too much, get lost in the world of stories, posts and reach. Their Instagram account becomes a vital need for them, they show themselves here only from their best side, forgetting about the reality of what is happening.

The film will tell about this one of these girls. The influencer blogger sees nothing beyond his phone and the number of likes under the new post. But at some point, everything changes. The girl learns about the betrayal by her boyfriend, the worst thing is, the video with this scene has spread all over the Internet. To cope with the breakup and heartache, the blogger decides to take three of her best friends and go with them on a trip to the Bahia Carnival. There she remembers that there is a real life that needs to be enjoyed here and now. But new challenges await her as well.
Which ones? Quarrels with friends? Fighting longing? Or maybe she will meet true love there?

To find out how this story ends, download the movie to watch here:

Free Netflix Download

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