5 Unique YouTube Channels You Should Watch

November 20, 2018

YouTube means you can watch what and whenever you want. The variety of content you can choose from is just amazing. If you know where to look, you’ll find tons of entertaining YouTube channels. And if you’ve still got room in your schedule for entertainment, we can help you out with these unique YouTube channels.

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1. CrazyRussianHacker

For Taras Kulakov “safety is number one priority”. The USSR born former Ukrainian Olympic swimmer, who now lives in Waynesville, North Carolina, explores everything from boiling Coke, testing military food, to dumping 30 pounds of dry ice into a pool.

Taras also shares life hacks and tests gadgets.

Subscribe to this channel if… you get a kick out of watching crazy experiments with a safe ending.

2. Amazing Space

Amazing Space is a YouTube channel dedicated to the infinite space beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Featured videos include live streams, for example from the International Space Station, high resolution videos of the Earth and the Sun, and a collection of timelapse videos.

The material is sourced from NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), and exclusive sources.

Subscribe to this channel if… you are curious about our galaxy and appreciate breathtaking views of our planet floating in space.

3. The School of Life

This YouTube channel and real-life school for adults addresses the kinds of subjects many parents and schools neglect: philosophy, psychotherapy, literature, and art. Channel topics include relationships, self, work and capitalism, comedy, and pop culture.

You can stream individual videos on topics you’re interested in. Or you can follow a curated curriculum to graduate from the school of life as a fully educated adult.

Subscribe to this channel if… you feel like you’ve missed a couple of life lessons and would like to close that gap.

4. LinusTechTips

This channel is a great place to learn about technology. Beginners should start with the As Fast As Possible playlist, which features short videos that explain basic technology and terms. For example, you can find out about TCP/IP, CPU Cache, or how fitness trackers work.

If you need a new PC, the Build Guides, Buyer’s Guides, and Ultimate Guides playlist will show you what to look for and how to build your own PC.

Subscribe to this channel if… you enjoy fun videos about technology.

5. FailArmy

The laugh is always on the loser. And you will split your sides laughing while watching these epic fail videos.

Always remember that one day, you could be the star of a fail video, because this channel accepts fan submissions.

Subscribe to this channel if… you need a good laugh every once in a while.

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