Poll: Which application should we make next?
We want to know your opinion. We honestly release new applications and we can not always...
October 25, 2020
Netflix takes on Disney Plus with move into streaming Broadway musicals
Netflix bags streaming rights to musical based on Princess Diana's lifeNetflix has bagged the...
August 19, 2020
Free Hulu Download
We are starting beta testing a new application Free Hulu...
July 02, 2020
FlixGrab – download videos from all resources in one application.
We are pleased to present you FlixGrab application! FlixGrab is a new powerful application...
June 25, 2020
Amazon Prime Pantry is back online
After a brief closure, Amazon Prime Pantry reopensAfter temporarily suspending its service due...
May 12, 2020
Attention! We have a survey!
Hello dear user! You wrote to us many times your wishes for creating new applications from our...
April 04, 2020
Amazon Prime premieres in April 2020
Movie and TV viewers who have run out of entertainment while staying at home amid the coronavirus...
April 02, 2020
Netflix premieres in April 2020
Well March has been a weird month. 2020 has been quite possibly the craziest year of any of our...
March 28, 2020
Netflix lowers video quality in Europe because of coronavirus-induced strain
People are staying home because of coronavirus, and what adtivity is better suited for the...
March 23, 2020