Amazon Music vs. YouTube Music: Which Should You Choose?

October 22, 2019
Amazon Music vs. YouTube Music: Which Should You Choose?

Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular. Millions of people stream movies, music videos, football matches, etc., daily. People no longer buy music albums or movies in hard copies any longer; all you have got to do is simply to stream it. All you require is an internet-enabled device and internet connection.

Amazon and YouTube are some of the leading providers of streaming services. Competition abounds among those that provide this service, but we will restrict ourselves to these two.

Which Should You Go For?

When making decisions between Amazon or YouTube, there are many criteria to consider. Information abounds on the Internet, and you’ll need to study these details closely, so you don't make the wrong decision. Below are the criteria to make help you make the right choice:

Availability On Several Platform

While YouTube Music is available on the Apple iOS platform as well as Android, it is, however, unavailable on the web. Amazon Music is, however, available on several platforms, including the iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web. Amazon Music can also be accessed on Amazon speakers and Fire TV sticks.
What that means is that if your device is an android device, Amazon Music may be your preferred option because of its compatibility with your device. If, on the other hand, your device is an iOS-enabled device, you can as well go for YouTube Music.

Consider Experience And User Interface

This criterion matters very much when it comes to streaming. The theme used by both YouTube Music and Amazon Music is a default grey/dark color one. The home, library menu, and discover buttons are located at the bottom on YouTube Music. Albums, songs, and other options are all in the library menu option.

The Amazon Music’s homepage, however, displays albums and trending songs. They divided into stations and playlists. Your choice again will depend on which one guarantees ease of usage.

Song Discovery

As it is a tradition with most music streaming sites, your language and favorite music will be requested when you’re setting up your account. The same rule applies to both Amazon and YouTube Music services.

When it comes to the recommendation of which music to stream, YouTube is your best bet because it has studied the kind of songs you listen to.
Amazon, on the other hand, shows you the latest songs, playlists, and the trending songs on the home screen.


The subscription for Amazon Music costs about $99 per annum. This price covers early access to amazon sales, quicker delivery, as well as a prime video service subscription.
YouTube Music, on the other hand, divides its subscription package into different packages. You can choose to pay $10 monthly to purchase the service or pay $12 monthly for YouTube premium service. This premium service gives you access to video downloads, running videos in the background, etc.

To Wrap It Up

There are other criteria to consider as well before making your choice. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll be sure to enjoy a wonderful streaming experience.
Article contributed by Sandy Lee, Digital Marketing Manager of Bosterbio.

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