5 Top Instagram Accounts All Social Media Marketers Should be Stalking

January 01, 2019
5 Top Instagram Accounts All Social Media Marketers Should be Stalking

Instagram ticks all the boxes for an app that managed to pick the top trends on the web. Social, mobile and visual.

When it started it didn’t even have a website. It was just an app. That has now been fixed. The pervasive social media networks have become a marketing trend has been proven to be a useful and effective promotion vehicle for businesses, organizations and even private individuals.

First it was thought to be a fad and then it seemed to stick.

Through the use of social media platform, you can drive site traffic, draw more potential visitors to your site and further increase your clientele base. For marketers and business owners, following social media marketers helps you share tips, techniques and other information that you can also use for your business.

Unlike other platforms, Instagram is just visual. To play you need to upload an image. Through these images, business can build their business brand, provide information and a whole lot more.

Who to follow on Instagram?
Not all of the known SEO experts and social media marketing bloggers have their own Instagram accounts.

But we have gathered the top 8 accounts that every social media marketer should follow. These online users have a broad base of Instagram followers on this social media platform. Through their accounts, you can learn so many things and be able to personally relate as to how it really is working as a social media marketer.

The following top Instagram accounts can also help you be updated with the latest trends and developments in the social media marketing world.

1. Social Glims
One main essence of using social media by almost all business today is that it can boost your business whether it is a small or a huge enterprise. By following @socialglims, you get to know more about advanced social media. The account offers training and support. But apart from that, they also offer interesting information that you can find really useful.

Check them out: @socialglims 

2. Content Marketing Institute
As a social media marketer, you have to be adept in using social media tools.
But apart from the being knowledgeable with social media is the fact that you should also know various SEO marketing techniques and methods. Content marketing is essential in any social media campaign considering that topnotch content when posted on a social media account can gain followers and potential clients. This account can give you a lot of insights and tips especially when it comes to content marketing.

Check them out: @CMIcontent

3. I Boom Media
To become a successful social media marketer, it takes a lot of hard work and it is never an easy job.
This Instagram account gives you inspiration dosages that you need to get on with your job as a social media expert and give you tips as to how you can further hone your social media marketing skills and strategies.

Check them out @iboommedia

4. Kim Garst
Known as a social media expert, Kim Garst has a lot to offer in her Instagram account.
When you follow her, there are so many interesting things that you can learn from a social media expert herself. With the photos she share on her account, you can inspire yourself to strive hard and work more. You can also get valuable information as to how social media can help small businesses.

Check her out: @KimGarst

5. The Social Agency
This Instagram account is quite interesting especially since there are so many images that can help you to be a more effective social media marketer. Whether you are looking for inspiration messages and tips, the @thesocialagencyllc is one account you should not miss to follow.

Check them out: @thesocialagencyllc

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